Roman Holiday Summer Studies is an annual credit course programme that incorporates travel as an integral component of the learning experience. Bringing together high school students from the GTA and over 3000 years of antiquity, RHSS encourages students to see themselves as citizens of a global world. For them, the programme offers the dynamic combination of academic study, travel and recreation in one of the world's great cities, Rome, Italy. Roman Holiday Summer Studies also sets the highest academic standards and uses the finest in curriculum instruction, including Advanced Placement® materials as part of its university-preparatory programme, ensuring students receive the best preparation for post-secondary studies.

Roman Holiday represents a unique learning opportunity for students interested in developing an appreciation for the Western liberal arts tradition through travel abroad. Our programme incorporates educational goals that will expose students to one of the world’s great cultural centres while ensuring continuity with existing partner school programmes. RHSS incorporates proven classroom practices that bring together classroom learning with exciting tours that only a programme that specializes in Rome can offer. Drawing inspiration from the liberal arts tradition, we offer the very best academic programme available.

In Rome, Italy, our students work as independent learners, keen observers and international ambassadors. The daily classroom agenda includes activities such as reading, writing, debating and oral presentations; touring and journal writing integrate the experiences outside the classroom. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century the sons of the British aristocracy and the gentry embarked on similar programmes, touring the cultural capitals of Europe, particularly Italy—on what we now call the Grand Tour—often accompanied by teacher-chaperones as part of an extended classroom experience known as "finishing school". Roman Holiday captures the same excitement in completing a critical period in high school with an exceptional oversea experience.

Roman Holiday Summer Studies offers credits for all three senior English courses offered by the province of Ontario through our partner schools and boards, including Grade 12 English (ENG4U), Grade 12 Studies in Literature (ETS4U), Grade 12 Writer’s Craft (EWC4U) as well as Classical Civilizations (LVV 4U). Class size never exceeds 24 students per instructor. An emphasis on personalized tutorials and process writing ensure the greatest likelihood of academic success. The Roman Holiday Summer Studies programme encourages students to:


Construct personal knowledge pertaining to the liberal arts tradition;

Develop insights through direct participation in the learning;

Engage in the "Great Conversation" within a global perspective;

Explores the ideas of great individuals who contribute to our Western cultural heritage;

Examine the relationship between the state, the individual and society;

Compare modern notions of truth, morality and citizenship with to classical ideas.

Develop writing abilities through a process of pre-writing, drafting, revision and polishing.


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