The Roman Holiday Summer Studies Story

Since 2002, the Roman Holiday Summer Studies programme has offered students the opportunity to study in Rome and its surrounding neighbourhoods during the month of July. Incorporating innovative classroom instruction and exciting daily activities in and around the Eternal City, these summer courses promise to deliver the experience of a lifetime as well as Grade 12 academic level credits that you can depend on.

Founded by Mr. Santino Bellisario, former Head of English at Toronto’s prestigious De La Salle College “Oaklands” for nearly twenty-five years, the Roman Holiday Summer Studies programme makes available the cultural treasures of the Eternal City to enrich the learning experiences of its students. The significant contribution of Latin and Italian culture to Western civilization, from classical antiquity to the modern age, from Marcus Aurelius to Umberto Eco, serve as the themes that draw together all of the great works studied. Our daily tours of Rome, a storehouse of art and history, allow students to form a better understanding of the "great conversations" that define Western civilization such as the role of spiritual faith, the challenges of democracy, and the rule of law. 

The Roman Holiday Summer Studies programme employs a staff of professionally accredited teachers with years of experience in their chosen fields. This guarantees the highest quality of instruction and the integrity of the credits delivered. As such, a number of schools and school boards, partnered with the Roman Holiday Summer Studies programme, grant these credits, representing the very highest academic standards and ensuring consistency of programming with existing English courses already taken by our students. This is what sets our programme apart from other summer credit courses programmes. Students earn real credits and experience the trip of a life time.


For more information contact Mr. Bellisario at Roman Holiday Summer Studies: