Roman Holiday
Summer Studies

A Secondary School Credit Course Programme

High school students posing for a photo in a piazza in Rome, Italy

It was a trip of a lifetime for my daughter. She learned a tremendous amount and absolutely loved immersing herself in Italian culture. She hasn’t stopped telling us stories about her time there. She mentioned how great her teachers and supervisors were.

Mrs. Lockington

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and skill in making this a fantastic experience for our children. Our daughter will remember this experience as life-shaping! She has had the opportunity to spread her wings and experience so much—so many great memories for her. Thank you for making this possible and for making it exceptional.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur

The trip of a lifetime

The Roman Holiday Summer Studies programme offers students the opportunity to study in Rome and its surrounding neighbourhoods during the month of July

A global education 📚

Roman Holiday Summer Studies represents a unique learning opportunity for students who wish to develop an appreciation for the liberal arts in the best tradition of travel abroad

  • Rome is your classroom

    The significant contribution of Latin and Italian culture to Western civilization, from classical antiquity to the modern age, from Marcus Aurelius to Umberto Eco, draw together all of the great works studied

  • Experienced teachers

    The Roman Holiday Summer Studies programme employs a staff of professionally accredited teachers with years of experience in their chosen fields

  • Earn Grade 12 credit

    Students earn real credits while experiencing the trip of a lifetime

Students in Rome, Italy

More than (just) gelato 🍨

Our daily tours of Rome, a storehouse of art and history, allow students to form a better understanding of the "great conversations" that define Western civilization

  • A dialogue in and out of the classroom

    Experienced teachers, motivated students, stimulating classroom activities and relevant guided tours with a liberal arts focus

  • For more information

    Contact Mr. Bellisario at

Students in Rome, Italy

“Mr. B, thank you for everything you have done to make the trip a success. I don’t understand how you do it year after year without fail! It was such an amazing experience and I know the memories will last forever. You have truly given us the experience of a lifetime!”


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